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Who We Are

We are very excited to introduce the KLA Schools of Hillsboro! We are an innovative, early childhood center dedicated to offering children opportunities to realize their love for learning. An educational setting like no other, this state of the art facility offers children endless opportunities for meaningful learning, outdoor experiences, and nurturing relationships with adults and peers alike. KLA Schools is one of a kind and highly accredited program for its learning method.

The philosophy, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, provides a unique educational program with a rich environment that focuses on the individual learner. The approach is geared to building students’ skills while fostering new talents in a warm and nurturing environment. More than just a child care center, KLA Schools of Hillsboro will help your child build the knowledge and skills needed for a strong foundation in early childhood education.

*KLA Schools of Hillsboro is an independently owned business operating under a franchise agreement with KLA Franchise, LLC.

What Makes Us Unique


Spacious Playgrounds
Climbing structures, tricycle race track, musical instruments, and pretend play environments are all part of the outdoor spaces offered to children. A separate playground is available for the toddlers and infants providing opportunities for safe and age-appropriate play. Play structures are constructed from reclaimed and reused materials. Landscaping is designed for children’s participation and access to the natural creek area on our property.

secure facility

Secure Facility
With closed circuit cameras and electronically locked doors, we offer peace of mind to families. KLA Schools are safe and secure by design. We work diligently to maintain the cleanliness of our facility as well as the safety of our furnishings and overall health of our children and their environment. Parents log their children in at the reception area, where no outsiders are allowed. All doors leading outside of the KLA Schools grounds are kept locked and only able to be opened through sophisticated technology.


Inspiring Location
Our school is located between an area rich in business growth and the beautiful Orenco Station. Our school welcomes a rich variety of cultures and backgrounds while encouraging a multicultural exchange in our society.


Classrooms are furnished with wide-open windows and transparent doors that connect the classrooms to one another. By structuring our spaces this way, the children are provided with the opportunity to feel welcomed not just in their classrooms, but also in the one next door.


Child Care for Garden and Nature Learning
KLA School of Hillsboro has a unique opportunity to teach children about the importance of our environment. By sharing our lot with Clear Water Services – naturally treating our piece of Dawson Creek – we will be able to take the children to learn hands on about the importance of planting and clean underflow. We will have our own little nature park right in our backyard, with safe passage for little feet. The children will have the opportunity to learn self sustaining farming concepts as well as cultivating their surrounding landscaping with reused tire and nursery planters.


Atelier (Art Studio)
The word Atelier means art studio or workshop in French. It is a welcoming and inspiring place where a wide variety of natural and man-made materials are visually available to explore. Here, children of all ages come individually or in small groups to encounter experiences with different media that will progressively support all their languages of expression. The early exploration of the visual arts through materials such as clay, paper, fabric, wire, light, beads, shells, leaves and wood, among others, offer children endless possibilities of becoming experts in all kinds of techniques.


Enrichment Courses
Physical Education, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.

Family Atmosphere

Family Atmosphere
We are a family where the whole school, not just the teachers but also all other members of the staff, know your child personally.


Large Open Space Piazza
The Piazza is a large central space designed to encourage the feeling of community. It is a common space for our families which helps with ease of transition from home to school, and includes areas for joint exploration, allowing the children to share their activities and way of thinking with their family.

Cleanliness as a Priority

Cleanliness as a Priority
At KLA Schools we use beautiful hardwood floors that allow our staff and custodians to keep the school spotless. Our commitment to the health and safety of our students made it easy to choose Zono Machines. We use it daily to disinfect all of our toys, making sure that our students are using safe and clean materials.

“The best preschool approach in the world!”


Learn More About the Reggio Emilia Approach


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Call us now to schedule your tour: 503-333-2002


  • When we first toured the school we knew KLA was top notch and nicer than any other school hands down that we had visited. The classrooms are large, bright and beautiful which was really important to us. Our daughter has adjusted to attending school better than I ever would have imagined! She basically flew out of my arms in the morning after just two days of starting. Her teachers are wonderful. Everyone is so welcoming and involved with the process and child. We feel thrilled to have our child attending KLA Schools!

    – Mandee B.

  • I love this place! KLA has exceeded my expectations in every way. My son is growing and learning so much, and he is a confident, happy little boy. This is due to the environment at KLA and his teachers and the staff. I appreciate the updates every day and hearing about everything he is doing! KLA has been a wonderful home away from home for my son.

    – Rachel B.

  • KLA is a wonderful preschool. The staff is amazing and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do. The facility is beautiful, clean and very comfortable. They do a great job with their art program and letting the children be creative with numerous art mediums.

    – Jennifer K.

  • I love KLA, my son’s teachers, all the staff and especially the director, an extraordinary caring person! It has been a total blessing for my child and our family to begin his first childcare experience at KLA! Thank you KLA!!!

    – Margie S.

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